Tuesday, May 22, 2012

IHSW report/SAL updates

Two posts in one! :) 

After finishing Sergei on Friday, I didn't do any stitching at all on Saturday.  Thank you to everyone that gave me input on Pinterest.  I decided to take the plunge and now I'm happily pinning!  I found it a great place to keep my recipes that I find...and excitingly...like I see some of you do...it's a great place to "store" the stitching freebies our there!  I LOVE THAT!  Plus I will keep my various wishlists there as well.  It's a whole new world!  Anyway...enough about that!

Sunday was SAL day with Kati...Here's progress on Suzannah.  Not much, but it was something.  I'm hoping that next Sunday will give me more time with her.

Then on Monday I finished my second square on of Fatmen SAL.  Love him!  And finally...I have been eyeing this little birdhouse since the first time I saw this chart as a whole and now I got that one done too...it's so cute..it makes me smile.  I loved stitching it.

We're having thunderstorms tonight....which I love, so I'm going to sit and enjoy and pick up my 5 golden rings and stitch that up. 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

May ort report & Mid-hermit happy dance!

Ok so I normally don't post mid hermit, but becuase today is New Moon, I thought I would get my ort report in...and I clipped this beautiful tulip out of my flowerbed this morning and had to share it...knowing that I had to take a pic of my glass I thought that it would be perfect.  Poor thing looked awkward in the bed with it's overgrown curve, but standing alone....my goodness...isn't it glorious?  I love bulb flowers...tulips, iris, lily of the valley (which I can never grow and am dying to!), any lily....love love love.

Friday night's hermitting resulted in a finish for me!  Sergei in all his red glory!  He's so handsome!  I'm going to kit up Maxim & Zoya next.  I love how he turned out on the Violet Mist fabric.

A little Sunday morning hello my Miss Lulu.  Could you not just squish her?

Ok....so now I have to ask...How many people use Pinterest?  I see it all over the place...I don't even know what it is...but I'm thinking that I'm missing something by not signing up!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

1 and 1/2 fatmen

I thought that I'd be able to get the second square done, but I fell short of it.  Next week though.  Got caught up again browsing the internet, chatting with Mom, watching the Bachelorette!  ( a guilty pleasure...I have lots of those)  So I figured that once I had to frog the same line twice, I was done for the night.  It will definitely be finished next week...and start of another one as well :)

I have signed up again this month for the International Hermit Stitching Weekend....there's a button on my sidebar if you want to join us. :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Some ground to stand on

It's hard to tell by looking but I spent a better part of the afternoon and evening stitching the ground that Suzannah is standing on....and it's not even done!!  Hopefully next weekend.

Mother's day was nice, it was just me and my Mom this year...Hubby left to work out of town on Saturday, won't be home until the 27th!!  That's two weeks without him.  I'm hoping though that that's a bad estimate on someone's part and he'll be home sooner...or that he can come home for at least a day or so.  But I took mom for a nice breakfast and then spent the day just relaxing.  No housework or chores allowed. 

Look at the treasure that I found in the closet downstairs over the weekend!  I don't even know what I was looking for but when I found this I almost fell over! I remember stitching it, I even remember framing it, and I remember why I didn't hang it...I had to get some hanging wire for the back of it to hang it.  What I don't remember is putting it in the closet and forgetting about it for YEARS!  So it's still missing the wiring and it's got a weird stain on the frame that I can't get rid of yet....But then I haven't given it a serious try yet either...but I will fix that and find a wall to hang it on.  I LOVE this piece!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's day!

My beautiful Mom, Anna! I love you!

Happy Mother's day to all!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fatman Tuesday

Well my gastric issues resolved themselves. Thank goodness...and thank you all for your well wishes.  I really don't like feeling/being sick...not that anyone does of course, but I have a hard time just "resting"  I always feel like I have to be doing something. I think that's why I stitch...because I cannot just sit and watch tv..it's usually stitching or even reading..but I can't just sit.  So when I am unwell it's even worse for me.  But I survived and I made it to work the next day and I even managed to stitch a bit on the fatmen...not as much as I would have liked but I did.  And here's a pic of the progress that I've made this week on it.

Also on Monday..which I failed to mention in my last post..I received a package from Becky on her latest giveaway...Mouline Rouge by Long Dog Samplers..this is just lovely!  And I am going to love stitching it!  Thank you again Becky!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Suzannah & Sergei

Please are going to start thinking that Suzannah and Sergei are dating. LOL  Oh boy, I crack myself up!  LOL  But I digress....Here is the progress I have on both.  I didn't even pick up Fatmen today, and it's SAL day for the snowmen. But I am just not feeling well.  I've got a stomach thing going on and I'm just vegging in my comfy chair and watching tv.  So I'll be stitching on them tomorrow.  If I can make it then I'll just wait until next week.  We'll see how I'm feeling...if I feel like I do in the morning as I do now, I think I'll be calling in sick.  Blech!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fatman Monday!

Well technically it's Tuesday today, but Monday is the Fatman day!  And I have a mini happy dance...cause that's what I'm choosing to call them.  I finished my first square of the project.  Snow Fun!  and he was so fun!  BA-HA!!  I started my next square too. :)  I can hardly wait to look around the blogs and see how everyone else faired on their projects! and where they are going with it.  It's interesting to see how everyone is moving around the projects....and which squares they are working on.  I know that they scan shows that it looks like I've got discoloured creases in the fabric...let me assure you that it's not...I just haven't ironed the fabric and the fold are just that...folds.

It's raining today...I love the rain!!  Hubby is working out of town and I think that I'm going to be doing some surfing and spending some of that hard earned money that he is out there making.  hehehe