Monday, June 22, 2015


Oh My Gosh!!!!  Has it really been since April since I have posted?  That doesn't seem possible!  But I guess it is.

We have been so busy, with the business, with the yard, with the house.  And we've even been busy with taking some time for ourselves, and enjoying the good weather and heading out camping when we can.  Or going on little day trips.  So we have been living life.

I have been stitching too.  So sorry Linda!!!  You must think that I have abandoned you in our SAL.  It's not every Sunday that I get a chance to stitch, but when I do it's not very progressive so there wasn't much to show.  But yesterday I managed to stitch for the better part of the day on Cornwall Cottage so I thought I should post an update.  I'm about to turn a corner here on it soon in the next couple of weeks.

I also needed a little instant gratification a while back and stitched up a LHN - Season's Greetings.  Which will be made into a ornament at some point this year. Mind you even this I finished a while ago and I didn't post it.

We have decided that we are going to make a little long weekend for ourselves this coming weekend, and leave on Thursday after work to go camping.  The temps are going to be up high, so the best place for us to be at that time is beside a lake, fishing, reading, relaxing...and maybe stitching.  But I find that when I'm camping I like to read.  I have been on a reading kick for the last couple of months...perhaps that's why my stitching is kind of taking a backseat.  But that seems to happen to me every summer.  I love sitting out on the patio with a tall cool glass of something and reading.  It's one of my favorite summer pastimes.

Hope everyone is well!