Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Another day at the office

Happy Halloween!!!!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Finish

Hubby was away this weekend on a little hunting trip, so I got a change to do some stitching.  I finished Maxim & Zoya...which I love!  It's going to make a perfect part with Sergei.  Now I just have to find the perfect fabric for Olga and Boris to go with them.  We'll see....I have to do a floss toss. 

 Maxim & Zoya by Plum Street Samplings stitched on Lavendar Swirl

I've started a little halloween piece that I hope to get finished before Halloween, I think I shoulder be just under the kids to take trick or stitching will be the ticket!  There were actually a few pieces that I wanted to stitch for Halloween, but I think that I'll only be getting the one done, and will have to budget my time better for next year.  I did do a bit of decorating around the room though...I can never resist a little holiday decorating!!

A picture of the "boys" baby brother and my hubby...and from the smears on their outfits you can see that they were successful...I will just spare you from the other shots that were on the chip.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ort report, happy dance, a little WIP

So much to report this time!

First my long neglected ort glass...I got to top it up a bit this month.  Seeing as summer didn't see too much action in the stitching department. And to celebrate a happy dance that I am also reporting this post is my Hungarian dancing girl.  Doesn't she look striking beside all those orts?

My happy dance....Finished 6 Fatmen last night!  Even added the little snowflake embellishments.  I loved stitching this with the other ladies that were part of the Monday night SAL.  I am so pleased with how it pops on this Colonial Blue fabric.  I still have another piece of the same size that if I choose to one day stitch the 6 Snow Belles I'll do it on that for a matching piece.  We'll see how that goes and if time allows. My problem is that I have sooooo many projects that I want to stitch and |I know that I will never get to them all.  So I go with what feels right at the time. 
6 Fatmen by Lizzie Kate - Stitched on 28 ct Colonial Blue Lugana

In saying that...there is a work in progress that I had forgotten about until I opened one of my project boxes.  So I'm concentrating on this piece to get it finished before I start something else.  I should have plenty of time because hubby is going bow hunting this weekend, and I signed up for IHSW as well, another thing that I haven't done all summer.  So between purging some stuff from yet another closet, I will be doing some power stitching.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I cheated a little :)

But just a little.  I figure that I haven't stitched all summer, and since I had finished Suzannah that I stitched normally on Sunday, that I would pick up my 6 fatmen and stitch then on Sunday and Monday.  So that was my cheat...not a bad one...right? 
And with it came a finish.  I finished the "Snow House" square with my extra day. I'm happy with it. I'm actually happy with the whole project.  I just love it on this fabric.

I've been thinking a lot about what my next projects should be.  I am still waiting for my local stitching shop to send me my copy of the JCS christmas issue.  I'm hoping it gets here before christmas!  Geesh I hate waiting.  So I'm going to try to focus on the rest of my 12 days of Christmas by PS.  And a couple of more ornies that I have my eye on from a couple of books that I have.  But none of those are set in stone, it's on an as time allows basis.  I have my eye and my heart kind of set on doing Elizabeth by Mirabilia.  I've got all the threads for it already.  I still need to get the beads .... and choose the fabric.  I don't know if I want to go neurtral...or whether I want to do it on something dark and dramatic.  I feel a floss toss will have to take place soon.

They are forecasting a snow/rain mix for us tonight and with the way the wind is blowing and temperture is dropping, I think that it may come to pass.  booo hoooo...but they are also saying that it's going to be nice and autumn warm this weekend, so whatever we do get isn't going to have much of a last impact.  It did encourage me to go outside though yesterday and take some pics of the amazing blooms on my dahlia bushes this year.  Flowers on steroids....that's what my neighbours are saying this year! LOL